Adding Your Picture to FM 2008


ramosHere’s a simple tutorial in adding your own manager picture into FM 2008.

Ok lets start.

1. Get your picture ready
It must be in .PNG format with size of 180 x 180 pixels. Preferably made using any good graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop, save it as PNG-24.

2. Locating the correct folder
I know alot of questions asked about putting facepacks in and needing to create them ourselves, but its quite easy actually.

Once you installed FM 2008, there will be a folder already been created in your My Documents. Open that folder and go into :
“Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2008 > graphics > players”

What you should have is “Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2008″
What you need to create is “graphics > players”

Once you are in “players”, if you already installed previous facepacks you should have your managed club in “players” folder. If you don’t have them yet, go to our Downloads Centre to download them.

For example:

“graphics > players > England > Premier League > Tottenham”

3. Edit the config.xml

Find “config.xml” and Edit it using Wordpad or any document editing program. Once in it, find a line that looks like this:

The numbers are actually called Player ID. This ID will identify the picture in the folder to display on the correct player. So to find that unique ID for yourself, load your game,


go to “Preferences > Display & Sound > Tick Show Unique ID


So once you have that ID, go back to config.xml and replace the numbers with the ID you just had.

4. Rename your picture.png

Remember step 1? Creating your own picture and placing it under “graphics > players” ? Make sure you rename it to the ID number you had earlier.


Well thats it! Load your FM game and check it out!