Pitch sizes


Pitch sizes

There are now 4 standard dimensions in pitch sizes, and they all influence how you should play.

Standard - Is pretty much what it means. Long and reasonably wide. Not a very common pitch in england, based on what I’ve played. Scout reports ahead of matches are important to reveal more information. So use a scout with good tactical knowledge.

In general most pitches come back as congested and you’ll be hard put to find space.

In this kind of situtation you will need players to make loads of forward runs, getting behind parts of the congested midfield. And you will also need good players to hold up the ball while others create space. A good tactic as usual is always to have good crossers of the ball. If you have to attack good defenders, then pace is important, off the ball attributes are also vital for strikers who want to find space.

Good movement, short passing at high tempo ie. playing like arsenal can help too. Wingers will struggle to find space as they are closed down fast so having them on mixed RWB is usually a good instruction as it allows give and go with the overlapping fullbacks.

Wide pitches, though rare are common in Europe, these kind of pitches allow more running play and a chance to exploit the flanks which congested pitches can’t provide. On these kind of pitches the danger will come from players with pace and good hold up men playing centrally. Manmarking strikers on pitches like this is also dangerous against good sides. A good option is to close down heavily on wingers and prevent them from putting in dangerous crossers.