The Winning Tactic


Jack Edwards, the creator of “The Winning” tactic has come up with different versions from 1.00 to 3.00 being the latest. I must admit that it has worked out tremendously and I am sure fans who have tested it agrees as well. It is not 100% sure win tactic but, it has proven to be very successful which makes it realistic. Do try out the tactic and post your results in the forums!

Ok, the winning is a pure attacking formation, set about on the new patch, i hope you enjoy winning lots of your games!

DR/DL - Very Attackingly Minded, but encouraged to make decisive tackles when they on the break A solid defensive player is a must here, A pacey DL Or DR Would do the buisness.

DC’S: Very solid, Very defensive, I avoided spreading them out as this would create a loophole, i wouldnt suggest tweaking

DMC: I Made a diamond here, it encourages controlling the center, and forces them to play down the centre, the DMC’S Should look out onto the wings and wont run themselves very much, I suggest someone like Hargreaves or somone with alot of experience.

LM/RM: Both very attacking in there own respective positions, Should be quite young and pacey, Ronaldo was Really class when i tested in Manchester, Giggs was Ok, but not the best..

AM: Will score a few goals from tim to time, Maybe a few screamers, they get the ball to the front men and provide plenty of assists.

FC: The typical target man should slot in here perfectly, Be prepared to change a few things, If something is not going well up here, change the delivery. Miroslav Klose and Carlos Tevez both did well here!


Dont be afraid to change lazy players in a match, you need hard workers if you are going to succeed with my tactic. Especially pacey players, You will succeed if you have a squad under 28 Years old


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